It’s good to talk right?

It sounds really easy to do doesn’t it but there are many people who for whatever reason simply cannot manage to talk about their problems or they don’t have anyone to talk to at all.


I have many clients who visit me and all they want to do is chat. It’s surprising how many feel so much better at the end of the session when all they’ve done is talked about their problems.


Of course I ask the right questions and guide you through the problems by using NLP or CBT to put things into perspective or in other words to look at things differently and create solutions to problems.


Just as the name implies, talking is at the core of talk therapy. Quite simply, talk therapy is a practice in which a patient explores their feelings by talking about them. There are several types and schools of talk therapies under the larger umbrella of talk therapy, including group therapy, but all embrace the importance of speaking about one’s feelings in order to better understand them and uncover potential paths forward.