Do you want to stop smoking?

Many strategies can be used for smoking cessation, including abruptly quitting without assistance (“cold turkey”), cutting down then quitting, behavioral counseling, and medications.


Most smokers who try to quit do so without assistance. However, only 3-6% of quit attempts without assistance are successful long-term.


Hypnotherapy increases the rate of successfully quitting smoking with many reported an 85% success rate.


Our smoking cessation (quit smoking) is a one hour consultation then just one 2 hour session unlike others who split it into 2 sessions. We believe that if you are going to stop then it should be immediate rather than cutting down each time.


We can also apply the same technique for people who vape or smoke cannabis.


Our pricing is simple, for the cost of around 20 packs of cigarettes; £195 we can help you stop.

stop smoking