PTSD – Rewind Trauma Therapy

Closure without disclosure

Rewind Therapy Practitioner:


The Rewind is different from other imaginal exposure therapies because no details are disclosed to the therapist, hence the treatment is known as “closure without disclosure”

The benefits of non disclosure include:


  • Minimising the risk of the client being re-traumatised.
  • There is no fear of disclosing sensitive information e.g. In the case of servicemen, for example, about deployment.
  • For survivors of rape and sexual abuse the benefit of not having to disclose details of the event to a stranger is self-evident.
  • Minimising the risk to the therapist of developing compassion fatigue, particularly for those therapists involved with heavy workloads.



The Rewind offers a way of permanently stopping the involuntary recall by filing the traumatic event so it comes under control. Voluntary recall remains.


Usually consists of 2 to 3 sessions depending on the severity at €60 per session.




No Formal Assessment for PTSD


One of the obstacles many trauma victims find are that they are afraid to come forward and be labelled as having PTSD.


For service personnel whether you’re in the armed forces, police, NHS front line etc.. to be labelled as having PTSD shouldn’t, but probably does effect your career one way or another.


We do not do formal assessments and the results of our findings are fully confidential between us and you the client. We do not pass any information on to your doctor, your boss, your CO or anyone else for that matter. You can rest assured all we’re interested in is your mental health and getting you to a better place mentally quickly.


Our latest client had PTSD symptoms for over 45 years and had been re-living his trauma all that time most days and nights. After 2 sessions of Rewind the uninvited visions and sounds of that trauma stopped.


Please do get in touch with us if you feel you need help. Remember if you’re a veteran and your symptoms have been caused by your active service we’ll treat you for free.