Do you have a fear of flying?

Also referred to as flying anxiety, flying phobia, flight phobia, aviophobia or aerophobia.


Acute anxiety caused by flying can be treated with exposure therapy which works better when combined with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


This fear can ruin the fun of a persons holiday or even affect their work if they have to fly.


People with fear of flying experience intense, persistent fear or anxiety when they consider flying, as well as during flying. They will avoid flying if they can, and the fear, anxiety, and avoidance cause significant distress and impair their ability to function. Take-off, bad weather, and turbulence appear to be the most anxiety provoking aspects of flying.


Nearly one in six of us has some sort of anxiety about flying, but now there’s a solution. Conquer your fear of flying and take off with confidence using hypnotherapy.


Usually consists of 1 to 2 sessions depending on the severity for a one off payment of €95

fear of flying