Do you have a fear of driving?

Whether it’s fear of failing a test, apprehension about motorway driving, anxiety over returning to the roads after years out, or a genuine phobia – there’s plenty of reasons people are scared of getting behind the wheel.


Therapeutic techniques – we offer a system of ‘desensitisation’ using hypnotherapy. It usually takes 3 sessions, but all the while you’re desensitising the triggers that cause your anxiety.


How does it work?


We use a well known successful system called SUDS ( The Subjective Units of Distress Scale).

By answering a few questions we create a scale using your words and your emotions, this personalises the system to you.


For example your “0” might be relaxing in the your garden listening to the birds. Your “80” might be driving on the inside lane of the motorway whilst your “100” might be driving on the outside lane on the motorway. Then using hypnotherapy we take you through each step to desensitise your emotions until you reach a satisfactory point that suits you. Your goal is of course to reach step 100 but you will always be in control of the full session.

Fear of driving