What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy means using advanced methods of hypnosis and other techniques to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems and upwards of 85 per cent of people will readily respond to clinical hypnotherapy.


Can I be Hypnotised?

This is a question asked many times and the simple answer is yes you can.


Many people have witnessed a hypnotist on stage or on the TV perhaps and thought you wouldn’t get me doing that! The people who take part in these shows are more than willing to do what they do, you cannot be made to do something your sub-conscious mind wouldn’t let you do.


Imagine if I could control anyone to do anything I wanted! It just can’t happen.


You are always in control and can open your eyes any time you wish, scratch your leg any time you wish and even finish the session any time you wish.


Have you ever been watching a film on TV and felt a part of what’s going on in the film. It can make you jump, make you cry and even laugh. Your emotions are attached to the film because you are that involved with it you feel like you’re living it.


This is how hypnosis can make you feel. Your imagination is used to create thoughts or relive events from the past. By changing your emotions to these events we can change the way forward for you. Clinical Hypnotherapy is used to help you to overcome difficult emotions and to see a new way of dealing with the past or in fact the future.


If you want to know more about hypnotherapy please do get in touch.